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Viper Lacrosse Fall Ball 2016



Viper Lacrosse Fall Ball 2016


Registration is Open Now!


Oct 29 – Dec 23


8 wks (36 hrs) of training, preparation, games and tournaments


Three days per week including Wall Ball, Box and Field Lacrosse for comprehensive well rounded instruction designed to give you the tools to become the best lacrosse player you can be.  


Choose all three or one day to suit your fall schedule.


Full schedule comes to only $4.86 per hour ($175!), or you can choose any one day per wk ($100) if you are playing a fall sport


U8, U10, U12, U14 & HS Players


No Experience Necessary!


Wednesday – Field lacrosse at Thunderbird Paseo Park

Thursday – Box Lacrosse at Bonsall Park

Saturday – Station Training at Montara Park


Similar to circuit training, we feel players overall development is enhanced by experiencing all three of these essential elements: Wall Ball, Box and Field.


All teams will compete in the 9th Annual Lax4Life Jamboree on Dec 10! (Included in Fall Ball registration fee)



Station Training: Includes Wall Ball, Speed & Agility, Dodging, Shooting, Defense and much more.


Box Lacrosse: We started this club by playing box back in 2005 and every year it becomes more evident that box lacrosse is not only a lot of fun, and so different from field, but the skills and speed gained from box translates to create the best players in the game today.


Field Lacrosse: The specific individual and team concepts of the field game, positions, and game play are introduced, and practiced with game and tournament play through the fall.


by bill casey posted 10/01/2016
Winning vs Development?

Winning vs Development?


Winning matters. But development matters more.


The score at the end of a game commonly determines a “winning” and “losing” team, but what does winning mean after all? Does winning mean having the better score in a U9 league game? Does winning mean a team that goes unbeaten in Division 1 in their U11 group?


I submit that “winning” is a long-term proposition. Too often we look for short-term gain and therefore miss the opportunity to reach the higher goal. In our case that means more time spent developing ALL players with a well thought out LTAD approach, ensuring that we have avenues for new players to learn, recreational players to enjoy this great game, and finally training and travel programs for those that wish to reach their highest potential.


Although “winning over development” survives to this day, the keepers of the flame are losing steam based on solid research. We know that by the age of 13, 70% of kids involved in organized sports drop out of the game. The main reason for this is kids aren’t “having fun anymore” and they’ve lost interest. By maintaining the short-term “win at all costs” mentality, many youth players are lost in the fight to win meaningless games. Far too often over my years I’ve heard comment that youth players have to “win” or they will be upset, or even depressed. This is simply not true.


In fact in a study conducted in 2014 by George Washington University found, when kids were asked why they participate in sports over 90 percent of children responded that they did so because it was fun. Fun, however, means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. The children were asked to describe what fun meant for them, and 81 different explanations arose throughout the study. 81 different explanations for what fun means, ranked in order of most important as a response.


Winning ended up 48th on the list.



The top fun factors were; Being a good sport, Trying hard, Positive coaching, Learning and improving, Game time support, Games, Practices, Team friendships, Mental bonuses, Team rituals, and Swag.


Trying your best is essentially the idea of giving 100%. It’s that winning mentality, and if we can continue to foster it, we are one step ahead of the game in helping to create “winners.” Kids generally forget about results soon after the game is over. The game is really won or lost, however, in the car ride home. As Project Play explains, kids often forget about the result ten minutes after a game is over, but are often reminded of it constantly in the car-ride home and at dinner that day.


Winning is important, but development is more important. Develop the winning mentality, see kids take ownership of their own technical development, understanding that one hour of practice a week is not enough, and watch the results come, eventually. Eventually is the key word here. Don’t expect this to happen over the course of a week, a season, maybe even a year. Development is not a straight line. Ups will come with downs, and development does not mean constant, unchecked progression.


So this is great but how do we develop skills in youth players and keep them playing sports?


I will summerize here, but encourage you to read the a complete solution, and our model, from The Aspen Institutes Project Play here;


The 8 Plays



Winning matters. But development matters more.


by posted 08/18/2016
Fall Training Defined




Fall Training Defined: Fundamentals & Advanced Training: Sept 3


During the fall we have the benefit of time. Time to introduce new players to the game, time to develop and refine individual skills, and time to prepare for the competitive season and take in a few select tournaments.


Beginning September 3rd, new players can enjoy free clinics and have the opportunity to participate in one or more days of individual lacrosse training, instructional field and or box lacrosse.


Saturdays 8-9am at Montara Park


Free Clinics  - Every week we start our Saturdays with Soft Lacrosse, a great introduction to the game using only lacrosse sticks and tennis balls. There we can teach the basics of catch, throw, scoop and cradle all the way up to team competition without equipment because the there is limited contact in Soft Lacrosse, same as basketball and soccer.


Saturdays 9-11am at Montara Park


Individual Skill Training – We are proud that our teams are known for sound fundamentals and we work had to achieve them. No need for complicated offensive and defensive schemes if your players cant catch and throw!


  • Wall Ball: Probably the best method to improve your stick skills is as easy as finding a wall, and practicing with your stick and a ball. However, as someone once said, “Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent”. Indeed, poor mechanics can be compounded by repetition. We counteract this by correcting errors and teaching the myriad of fun drills you can do by yourself or with teammates against the wall.  


Stickwork Standards: There are many published wall ball drills out there and most are very good. We add the element of timed repetitions with minimum requirements so players have benchmarks to gage their progress. Take a look and download here


  • Dodging: We will work on the concepts of a hard first step, initiating contact, change of speed, change of direction, face dodges, splits, roll backs and much more.


  • Shooting: Building shooting mechanics literally from the ground up, we begin on two knees forcing players to get their hands up and out. See the progression drill here. Players will practice accuracy, getting time & rooms off quickly and shooting on the run.


  • Defensive Footwork: Speed and agility training is part of our core skill training for all positions. Defensively, we focus positioning and stopping the ball rather than excessive stick checks. Base footwork, shuffles, lateral quickness, drop steps, and a variety of drills designed to teach quick, explosive movements and lock down defense.


  • Face Off & Goalie Training: We put these together because although specialized, every player should go through some of this to see if they have a hidden skill set, or at least find out how the other half lives. Both require repetitive practice to gain the skills needed to excel, great hand speed and no fear.  Face Off drills will include stances, warm ups, moves, counter moves and ground ball placement using drills from Paul Cantebene and the top D1 FOGOs. Goalie training includes hand eye coordination, reaction and the latest Scotty Rodgers and Trevor Tierney drills.


Wednesday 6-8pm at Thunderbird Paseo Park


Instructional & Competitive Field Lacrosse – On Wednesday nights we will be at our home for field lacrosse for the 11th year! There we will have the space to break out in small groups for station work and practice team offensive and defensive concepts that will be used for the upcoming season.


Thursday 6-8pm at Bonsall Park


Instructional & Competitive Box Lacrosse – We play box lacrosse all year long because first of all its fun, but also because it gives our players the distinct advantage that only box players have; More touches, close quarters, smaller goals, transitioning from offense to defense with short sticks, off ball contact, and simply playing fast.  


by posted 08/10/2016
Upcoming Fall Events



Sept 3 - Oct 8

Fundamentals & Advanced Training

The wall is a lacrosse players best friend. We love the wall, and invent new drills - such as our Stickwork Standards - to push our skills further and further each season.  Yet, practice does not make perfect - practice makes permanent. So, we provide instruction to prepare your mechanics for wall ball and show fun drills to do by yourself or with friends.

The focus on Saturdays will be individual fundamental skills such as dodging, shooting, defensive positioning and small side situations: 1v1, 2v2 and competitive 3x.

Wednesday we will be on the field for specific instruction as it relates to field lacrosse, and Thursday we are in the box for the tight confines, reps, smaller nets and fast pace of the game developing a different skill set than traditional outdoor only players.





Saturdays, 8-9am at Montara Park

  • Intro to Soft Lacrosse – Free clinics each week, no equipment required


Saturdays, 9-11am at Montara Park

  • Wall Ball, Individual Skill Training & 3x - Stickwork standards, dodging, shooting, defensive footwork, face off, goalie training


Wednesdays, 6-8pm at Thunderbird Park

  • Fall Instructional & Competitive Field Lacrosse


Thursdays, 6-8pm at Bonsall Park

  • Fall Instructional & Competitive Box Lacrosse


Sept 13, 14 & 15                                                                               

Peoria Parks & Recreation Lacrosse Clinic, Rio Vista Park, Peoria AZ

We are working with Peoria Parks & Recreation to grow the game with low cost clinics and eventually a league! Information and registration will be available soon - Click Here




Oct 29 - Dec 23

Fall Ball

Individual and team concepts taught, demonstrated, practiced and developed in both field and box lacrosse as we form well rounded athletes during the fall. New players will learn the basics while returning players act as examples, refine and advance their skills 




Saturdays, 8-9am at Thunderbird Park

  • Intro to Soft Lacrosse – Free clinics each week, no equipment required          


Saturdays, 9-11am & Wednesdays 6-8pm at Thunderbird Park

  • Field Lacrosse       


Wednesday, 6-8pm at Montara Park

  • Wall Ball


Thursdays, 6-8pm at Bonsall Park

  • Box Lacrosse                                                                                              




Dec 10

Lax4Life Benefit Jamboree 



Jan 4 - Mar 25 (Actual start TBD, based on first game date of Jan 21)

Vipers Competitive Lacrosse Club – Youth


Jan 4 - Apr 23 (Actual start TBD, based on first game date of Feb 25)

Vipers Competitive Lacrosse Club - HS      


Feb 25 - Feb 27

Best of the West Lacrosse Classic, Las Vegas NV



Mar 19 - Mar 20

Jam by the Sea, San Diego CA


by posted 07/18/2016

Upcoming Games


Team Zona - 2015 USBOXLA Nat'ls
Vipers 2014 JHS Championship
Vipers 2012 DII HS Championship
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