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USBOXLA Sanctioned

When taught, played and reffed correctly USBOXLA is singlehandedly the best development tool at any level of the game.  The challenge of the USBOXLA game is what pushes these players beyond any field setting could and it’s so much fun to play

– Matt Brown, 2014 Team Canada World Cup Gold, 2015 NCAA Champion University of Denver




Arizona Box Lacrosse is now a sanctioned league and organization with the United States Box Lacrosse Association(USBOXLA), a non-profit, 501c3 organization whose mission is to develop and promote youth Box lacrosse in the USA through a unified organization that provides high value services, programs and benefits to its members.


USBOXLA provides a common structure and governance for nationwide youth Box lacrosse leagues, tournaments,  and travel teams.  Additionally, USBOXLA provides support and member benefits to Indoor Sport Facility Owners/Managers, league operators, coaches and referees to assist their Box lacrosse efforts.


USBOXLA Member Benefits Include:


  • Liability and property damage insurance for Sport Facilities, Box lacrosse league operators, coaches and referees.
  • Ability to play the game of Box Lacrosse without compromising the integrity of game play while ensuring the safety of its participants.
  • Player excess medical insurance and liability insurance coverage.
  • Official Box Lacrosse training materials, Official USBOXLA Rule and Situational hand book and certification for coaches and referees.

Starting with our House Leagues at Bonsall Park (May 7, 2016) and the Ice Den (June 20, 2016)  all youth payers must be a member of USBOXLA.  With this membership you will receive all of the above benefits along with the piece of mind that you are part of the best box lacrosse organization in the country!

Arizona Box Lacrosse - Spring & Summer 2016


Arizona Box Lacrosse – Spring & Summer 2016


USBOXLA Player Memberships, Coaches / Referee Certification, House Leagues and Team Zona Travel


When taught, played and reffed correctly USBOXLA is singlehandedly the best development tool at any level of the game.  The challenge of the USBOXLA game is what pushes these players beyond any field setting could and it’s so much fun to play –


Matt Brown, Founder of USBOXLA and Associate Head Coach for 2014 Team Canada World Cup Gold, 2015 NCAA Champion University of Denver




An open invitation to respective coaches and administration went out today to join us as we continue to develop the box lacrosse game in Arizona. Currently we are offering player memberships and the largest and most thorough educational platform ever developed for the sport as we prepare for spring and summer 2016 House Leagues and Team Zona Travel opportunities.




Only US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA) sanctioned leagues have access to this platform, and at this time Arizona Box Lacrosse is sponsoring 100% of the costs for the following:




  • USBOXLA Player Membership, 1-year subscription with $4M Liability and Accident Insurance.
    • Players go to
    • Select annual membership
    • Select Arizona Box Lacrosse (AZ) as Choose your Sanctioned League
    • Enter code 27I9SXNE
  • Coaches and Referee development through the USBOXLA Academy Backstage PASS online training and certification program - Contact me directly for access.



All coaches and referees will be a minimum of USBOXLA Level 1 Certified ($1,000ea, 2 years), and players must be USBOXLA members ($45 annual) to participate in any Arizona Box Lacrosse program.




Upcoming Events




May 7 – June 8, 2016


  • USBOXLA House League at Bonsall Park – Registering teams and individual players 
  • Team Zona Travel - LXTC Denver Elite Battle in the Box on June 11-12th in Denver Colorado. Coaches from the House League sessions will choose players.




June 20 – July 30, 2016


  • USBOXLA House League at the Ice Den – Registering teams and individual players 
  • Team Zona Travel - 2016 USBOXLA Nationals Aug 5-7th at the Silver Creek Sportplex in San Jose California. Coaches from the House League sessions will choose players.


Box Lacrosse?


Box is played 6v6 off the boards of a hockey rink, smaller goals, bigger goalies, no long poles, tighter space and much faster transition combined to equal increased skill at all levels. It’s more like basketball and hockey then it is field lacrosse. The benefits of box lacrosse to the developing player are well documented and evident with Denver University’s box oriented offense dominating the NCAA. What is less talked about however is that box, when played properly, is actually safer than field lacrosse, a great change of pace for field-only players and a lot of fun.




What are Arizona Box Lacrosse and USBOXLA?




We met Matt Brown back in 2006 when he played for the Arizona Sting. He helped us create a baseline for our box lacrosse program and we helped him start a lacrosse business. In 2010 Matt and Shaydon Santos created USBOXLA bringing the Canadian box lacrosse game to the US and providing structure and conformity to box lacrosse leagues across the nation (they now have over 5,000 players). Arizona Box Lacrosse started in 2014 as we began working with USBOXLA and preparing to send travel teams (Team Zona) to USBOXLA events, competing in the Nationals the summer of 2015 against the best teams from the USA and Canada. In January 2016 Arizona Box Lacrosse became a sanctioned organization and league with USBOXLA.



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The Beauty of Lacrosse


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Viper Youth Lacrosse 2016 Defined






Glendale Lacrosse began in 2005 by playing box lacrosse in Bonsall Park working with the city of Glendale Parks & Recreation, the Arizona Sting Professional Box Lacrosse Club and US Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse. The Viper Lacrosse competitive field lacrosse teams started in 2007, winning Coach of the Year in 2010, the HS Division II State Championship in 2012, and the JHS State Championship in 2014. Our program is one of the very few in Arizona that is vertically integrated with Kindergarten through HS teams.


In 2015 we were selected as a member of USBOXLA, the only player, coaching and referee development organization standardizing the box game as it’s played in Canada. One of the founders of USBOXLA is Matt Brown, Associate Head Coach of Denver University (2015 NCAA Champions), regarded as one of the great minds in lacrosse today. This past summer under our "Team Zona" travel team, incorporating players from 6 programs across the valley, we became the first team from Arizona to invited to compete in the USBOXLA Nationals against top box teams from Canada and the USA. 


By incorporating box lacrosse into our training, with near constant off ball movement, tight spaces, small goals, and so much more we have a proven distinct advantage on the field.   


Viper Youth Field Lacrosse 2016  


Our club was founded on the core concept of developing all players. During the 2016 season the youth teams will compete in the newly formed league, Arizona Youth Lacrosse (AYL), while the HS plays in the Arizona Lacrosse League (ALL). To the extent possible, playing time will be distributed evenly. This is achieved by platooning players across positions so that win or lose; everybody plays, contributes and has fun. All teams will incorporate field and box lacrosse training for the most touches and fastest paced development possible.  


Youth Divisions:


  • JHS 8th  - Top youth team competing for the Arizona Youth Lacrosse State Championship
  • JHS 7th  - A team with a mix of recreational and developing competitive players
  • 5/6th  - Full sized field, 5th, 6th and advanced 4th grade players, 10v10
  • 3/4th  - Half sized field, 3rd, 4th and advanced 2nd grade players, 7v7
  • K/2nd - Quarter sized field, smaller goals, no contact, 5v5 w/o goalies


Youth Practice Schedule:


18 weeks beginning November 30 and continuing through the week of April 9. During the fall leading up to the start of games, the practice schedule will remain set. Once games begin we will reduce practices for games. All practices are 6-8pm on weekdays and between 8-12pm (depending on division) on Saturdays.



Practice Locations:


Field - Thunderbird Paseo Park, 6000 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ 85306

Box - Bonsall Park Box Rink, 5821 W Bethany Home Rd, Glendale, AZ 85301


Youth Season Game Schedule:


10 weeks / 24 games total beginning Jan 23 and ending April 9 with the Cactus Cup season ending tournament. Jamboree style games with potential Friday Night Light and home games depending on field availability. Easter break and 1-2 weeks off for spring breaks, Super Bowl, etc.


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Upcoming Games


Team Zona - 2015 USBOXLA Nat'ls
Vipers 2014 JHS Championship
Vipers 2012 DII HS Championship
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