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PE Lacrosse


Since 2005 we have run over 100 no-cost PE Lacrosse Clinics in schools across Peoria Unified, Deer Valley Unified, and DYSART school districts. If you want a PE Lacrosse Clinic at your school just ask your PE teacher and contact to get on the schedule!!!


Next up are the 3rd through 8th grade students of Copperwood Elementary for the week of January 12-16, 2015


Here's where we were in 2014 . . .Where will we be in 2015?



Ironwood HSOakwood ElementaryMountain Ridge HSMountain Ridge HSMountain Ridge HSSunrise Mountain HSCentennial HSDeer Valley HSWillow Canyon HSCentennial HSSunrise Mountain HSLake Pleasant HSIronwood HSIronwood HS

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Viper Lacrosse Season

Viper Lacrosse Season


The competitive lacrosse season is upon us. Please review the information below. Regular registration will end December 20th. Practices will begin January 3rd (JHS and HS) or January 6th (K4 and 5/6) with games from mid to late January to early March for youth teams, and late February until early May for HS. The tentative schedules (to be revised once game schedules are released) are located under the “Team” drop down bar on the web site.


  • K4
  • 5/6
  • JHS
  • HS (to be split into JV and Varsity at a later date)


Link to the registration page here


Brief History


The Vipers enter 2015 as a 6th year varsity program. After fielding only JV and JHS teams in 2008 and 2009, we took the 2010 HS Coach of the Year honors, won the 2012 DII HS State Championship and then left DII with an overall 71% win-loss to compete in DI for 2013. In our first season in the big leagues we went to the second round of the playoffs and finished 8th in state among 27 teams. Last season our varsity team greatly under performed resulting in the Vipers only losing season. However the JHS team showed our development is on track by finishing 14-0 and winning the 2014 JHS State Championship while averaging 12 goals to 3 against our opponents over the regular season.


Marching Forward


In 2015 we return to competitive varsity, JV, JHS, 5/6 and K4 teams.  As one of the few vertically integrated programs in the state we focus on player development first and foremost; the score takes care of itself. On varsity our goal is to win the HS State Championship and that takes 100% commitment to the team.


In general, K4 and 5/6 practice twice per week and they should try to make as many practices as possible with parents communicating with the coaches if they must miss a practice. There is no penalty for missing practices. If you show up you play.


At the JHS level players practice three times per week and learn responsibility to the team, that the “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (Aristotle). JHS players are expected at every practice and games following a simple equation;


Attitude + Effort + Attendance = Playing Time


JHS players should communicate with coaches directly and in advance if they must miss a practice or game.


Except for disciplinary reasons there are no cuts at the HS division. JV players are either preparing for the varsity level or playing for the love of the game. Either way they must communicate directly with the coaches, make all practices, games, team events and support the varsity division whenever necessary.


Varsity is 100% all in. No player, regardless of skill level, will be allowed to participate on the varsity team unless they are fully committed, give every ounce of effort during every drill, every possession, every minute on the field. Period. HS players practice five times per week. Family, school then lacrosse; this means varsity players are expected to plan family and school responsibilities so that they do not conflict with lacrosse. If a varsity player must work they are to schedule working hours around lacrosse. The team must be the priority if you are to play on varsity. 


Spring Break


We are taking U15and varsity teams to a tournament during spring break. Please do not make outside travel arrangements, as we will be practicing as a team during this time.


Fees, New Players and Free Training


This year we reduced our fees by eliminating mandatory fund raising. Although most teams in the state continue this practice we would rather focus on growing the team. More players equal fewer fees for all. So instead we are asking you and all present players to bring a friend, cousin or sibling to one or more of our free New Player Training Camp sessions every Monday night 5-6pm at Montara Park during the month of December. Registration is online. At this time we have 30 potential players signed up. Please do your part and bring a friend.




Please make sure to read through our website before you join us, especially “Youth Policies”, “Parents Role on the Sideline” among others. I am available to answer any questions you may have.


Hope to see you on the field for Viper Lacrosse 2015. 

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Upcoming Games

Coaching Positions Open!

The Glendale Viper Lacrosse Team, the competitive side of the Glendale Lacrosse Club, is presently seeking coaches for the 2014/15 season.

Teams are K4, 5/6, JHS, JV and Varsity

Our program develops players from the first time they pick up a lacrosse stick toward becoming the best lacrosse player they can be. Recruiting players with experience is not an option. We teach the game from the ground up.

Our home field is in the Glendale/Peoria AZ area

Previous youth or HS coaching experience is highly recommended with lacrosse coaching and or playing experiences a plus.

Interested candidates should send a resume and letter of interest via e-mail.  Salary: TBD.  Appointment: Part-Time

Contact for application and information: Bill Casey, Director and Head Coach.  E-mail:

Vipers 2014 JHS Championship
Vipers 2012 DII HS Championship
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