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Vipers Lacrosse Club is a registered non-profit, pending 501(c)3 organization. We turn no child away for their inability to pay league fees. We are moving toward a nominal fee for participation with sponsorships, grants and donations as the main source of sustenance for the club. If you are interested in learning more please contact us! 


Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.



Free Clinics Every Week Through Oct 28!



Join in on the fun of free clinics every week through Oct 28! Register today!

by Coach Casey posted 09/04/2018
Indoor & More



Indoor & More


With all of the different opportunities we have going on indoors and outdoors in the next few months it can be confusing. I am getting phone calls and emails asking, “what should I register for?” and I am happy to oblige. That said it doesn’t hurt provide everyone some detail;


First, we are the only program playing indoors from the summer through the fall and this advantage cannot be overstated. Currently we are utilizing four facilities to teach and play box lacrosse while growing the game in Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix and Scottsdale, introducing the game to hockey and soccer players at the same time. 


Peoria Sportplex Box Rec League


Saturday August 11thwe begin our partnership with Peoria Sportplex, the home of Arizona Inline Hockey. This is a full contact, full equipment rec league starting with 3 weeks of clinics followed by a 4 week game series. It will be small, as intended, for the initial offering at the facility. We are in this long term so if you join don’t be surprised by small numbers. Over time we hope to attract hockey travel players along with our dedicated lacrosse group. Some of whom are traveling from the east valley to play . . . 


More info and registration here 


Sunday Skills & 3x Games


Sundays 11am-1pm beginning Sept 16 at Montara Park we build on our off-season small group training with emphasize solid fundamental and advanced stick work, offensive and defensive concepts, the 2-man game, footwork and conditioning. Every practice will end with a competitive 3x (3 on 3) game. New and returning players welcome. 


Click here for Info & Registration


Box Training at ASC


On Sept 9, this exciting endeavor brings us back to the Arizona Sports Complex, the home of indoor soccer in AZ (with over 1,000 players per season!) to introduce lacrosse to new players. This will be an 8-week “soft lacrosse” training camp using only sticks and tennis balls. Going forward we hope to build this into full leagues and use this awesome facility for league games and tournaments. 


Click here for Info & Registration 


AZBOXLA Fall Box League 2018


The Vipers will field three teams (12-17 players only in 12U / 14U / HS) in this USBOXLA sanctioned game series with certified referees. West and east valley teams compete for the AZBOXLA Fall 2018 title. 4 Teams per division, 2 complete games (3x15 min periods, 2 min between periods, 1 timeout per game) per week. 4-week home & away series: 3-week seeding tournament with championship games the final week. Games will be at Peoria Sportplex and Barneys Indoor. Practice begins late September; games are Fridays and Saturdays (depending on division) in October


Click here for Info & Registration 


Viper Fall Ball


Fall practices for the field season will convene the November 3. Details will be out soon.  

by Coach Casey posted 08/10/2018
Winning vs Development?

Winning vs Development?


Winning matters. But development matters more.


The score at the end of a game commonly determines a “winning” and “losing” team, but what does winning mean after all? Does winning mean having the better score in a U9 league game? Does winning mean a team that goes unbeaten in Division 1 in their U11 group?


I submit that “winning” is a long-term proposition. Too often we look for short-term gain and therefore miss the opportunity to reach the higher goal. In our case that means more time spent developing ALL players with a well thought out LTAD approach, ensuring that we have avenues for new players to learn, recreational players to enjoy this great game, and finally training and travel programs for those that wish to reach their highest potential.


Although “winning over development” survives to this day, the keepers of the flame are losing steam based on solid research. We know that by the age of 13, 70% of kids involved in organized sports drop out of the game. The main reason for this is kids aren’t “having fun anymore” and they’ve lost interest. By maintaining the short-term “win at all costs” mentality, many youth players are lost in the fight to win meaningless games. Far too often over my years I’ve heard comment that youth players have to “win” or they will be upset, or even depressed. This is simply not true.


In fact in a study conducted in 2014 by George Washington University found, when kids were asked why they participate in sports over 90 percent of children responded that they did so because it was fun. Fun, however, means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. The children were asked to describe what fun meant for them, and 81 different explanations arose throughout the study. 81 different explanations for what fun means, ranked in order of most important as a response.


Winning ended up 48th on the list.



The top fun factors were; Being a good sport, Trying hard, Positive coaching, Learning and improving, Game time support, Games, Practices, Team friendships, Mental bonuses, Team rituals, and Swag.


Trying your best is essentially the idea of giving 100%. It’s that winning mentality, and if we can continue to foster it, we are one step ahead of the game in helping to create “winners.” Kids generally forget about results soon after the game is over. The game is really won or lost, however, in the car ride home. As Project Play explains, kids often forget about the result ten minutes after a game is over, but are often reminded of it constantly in the car-ride home and at dinner that day.


Winning is important, but development is more important. Develop the winning mentality, see kids take ownership of their own technical development, understanding that one hour of practice a week is not enough, and watch the results come, eventually. Eventually is the key word here. Don’t expect this to happen over the course of a week, a season, maybe even a year. Development is not a straight line. Ups will come with downs, and development does not mean constant, unchecked progression.


So this is great but how do we develop skills in youth players and keep them playing sports?


I will summerize here, but encourage you to read the a complete solution, and our model, from The Aspen Institutes Project Play here;


The 8 Plays



Winning matters. But development matters more.


by posted 08/18/2016

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