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Free Lacrosse Clinics in the West Valley

by bill casey posted 09/23/2017
Are you ready for Fall Ball?



Are you ready for Fall Ball?


We are hitting Fall Ball from all angles: Intro camps, competitive box teams, station training and field development in preparation for a successful 2018.


Remember that we are in partnership with West Valley Lacrosse community this year by adding practices at both West Valley and Glendale locations. The plan is to let local players choose the practice location closest to their home and also allow travel to each location if players desire more practices. We will then be one team for all the games. Long-term goal is to branch off into separate programs in 2019/2020


Please spread the word by telling a friend, neighbor or other potential players and support the Intro Camps. Returning players are welcome to help coach but please first.   


All players need to get a stick in their hands today to get ready for the Box League. We expect a lot of competition . . .See below for all the teams we may be playing against, and here for our unique Stickwork Standards Wall Ball routine.


See below for short summaries of what we have coming up. Click the links for more details and registration.



Introduction to Lacrosse Camp – Glendale Parks & Recreation

  • Soft Lacrosse, No Equipment Needed
  • Ages 7-13
  • Time 6-7:30pm at Thunderbird Paseo Park
  • 4 sessions of Tues & Thurs, September 5, 7, 12 & 14
  • Cost $25-$35

Info & Registration here


Introduction to Lacrosse Camp  - Northwest Valley YMCA (El Mirage)

  • Soft Lacrosse, No Equipment Needed
  • 3 sessions on Saturdays, September 16, 23 and 30th
  • K-6th grade camp will be held from 10-11:30am
  • 7th grade-High School camp will be held from 12-1:30pm
  • Cost $25-$35

Info & Registration here


Fall Box League – Valley Wide, Multiple Teams & Venues

  • Competitive Box Lacrosse
  • Full 3-Period Games
  • USBOXLA Certified Referees
  • Registering 3 Vipers teams: 12U / 14U / HS
  • Clinic: Thursday night September 28
  • Practices: Wednesday nights October 4. 11, 18 & 25
  • Games: Saturdays, October 7, 14, 21 & 28
  • Partnered with One Team Lacrosse (Chandler) and Desert Elite (Phoenix)
  • Teams (or players making their own teams) already committed include: Ahwatukee Lightning, Arcadia, Arizona Lacrosse, Arrowhead, Chandler Dogs, Chandler Pumas, Chandler Firebirds, Corona Aztecs, Desert Elite, Desert Mountain, Desert Vista, Gilbert Bulldogs, Gilbert Tigers and Mountain Pointe.
  • Cost $125

Info & Registration here


Fall Ball: Fundamentals & Advanced Training – Station Skills Development plus Agility: October 3 – October 26​


This is where we build the skills.


  • Station Training includes:
    • Wall Ball (with our unique Stickwork Standards)
    • Passing, Shooting, Dodging, Offense & Defense
    • 1v1, 2v2 and competitive 3v3 (3x)
    • Speed & Agility
    • Cost $125
    • Players are encouraged to team up and compete in the AYLL / ALL Laxfest 3x Tournament on November 4. You will be ready . . .

Info & Registration here



Viper Lacrosse Pre-Season 2017, Including Lax4Life Tournament: Nov 4 – Dec 16


Our Fall Ball is comprehensive, multi-facetted development with box, field, station training and pre-season conditioning. See the details here.


by bill casey posted 08/31/2017
Viper Pre-Season 2017



Viper Pre-Season 2017




Viper Pre-Season 2017


Nov 4 – Dec 16


*Pricing will include an option to add Viper Spring Season at an early bird discount . . .

Three days per week for 6 weeks including Station Training, Box and Field Lacrosse for comprehensive well rounded development to become the best lacrosse player you can be with a season ending local tournament for all players – Lax4Life.


Choose all three or one day to suit your fall schedule.


Station Training: Small rotating groups focusing multiple concepts with the maximum number of repetitions and coach to player ratio. Proper mechanics of stick work, dodging, shooting, defensive footwork, ground balls, and more will be covered.


Box Lacrosse: We started this club by playing box lacrosse back in 2005 and it only grows in acceptance across the USA. As a staple of our program, box lacrosse is simply the best development tool to build the complete lacrosse player and a lot of fun. Players will be taught USBOXLA sanctioned box meaning fast transition from offense and defense, tight space, off ball contact, small goals and big goalies requiring great shooting accuracy, all while the ball never goes out of bounds!


Field Lacrosse: The specific individual and team concepts of the field game, positions, and game play are introduced. Here we introduce and drill the systems used for offense and defense as we prepare for the competitive spring season.


Who: New & returning players, K through 12

What: Station Training, Field & Box Lacrosse for comprehensive well rounded development

When: See below for location / division schedules

Where: Thunderbird Paseo Park (Field), Bonsall Park (Box) and Montara Park (Station Training)

How Much? $175 for complete program, $100 for single day per week

Register on - Opens Soon . . .


No Experience Necessary!




Wednesday – Field Lacrosse at Thunderbird Paseo Park

U8/U10/U12: 5-6:30pm

U14/HS: 6:30-8pm


Thursday – Box Lacrosse at Bonsall Park

U8/U10/U12: 5-6:30pm

U14/HS: 6:30-8pm


Saturday – Station Training at Montara Park

U8/U10/U12: 9-10:30am

U14/HS: 10:30-12pm



Viper Lacrosse 2018 Season


Important Info & Dates:


Youth: K through 8th grade

  • Continuation after holiday break from Fall Ball, new players accepted
  • First practice & mandatory report date is January 6
  • Practices are 2-4 times per week depending on division, Monday through Thursday
  • Youth games start January 20. Two games every Saturday through the April 7, ending in the Cactus Cup Tournament (local)


HS: 9th through 12th grade

  • Early report, Captains practices, conditioning, on or about January 6
  • First practice & mandatory report date is on or about January 22
  • Practices are 4-5 times a week, Monday through Thursday, some Saturdays
  • HS games may start February 28?
  • HS Best of the West, February 23-25

by bill casey posted 08/01/2017
Fall Box League


2017 Fall Box League


Play box, get better and have fun. Player and teams from across the valley will get together to compete in USBOXLA Sanctioned box lacrosse games in three facilities. This will be a great way preseason tune up for returning players to knock off the rust with fast paced real box lacrosse.


Participation and or invited teams include: Ahwatukee Lightning, Arrowhead, Chandler Firebirds, Chandler Pumas, Chandler Dogs, Corona Aztecs, Desert Mountain, Desert Elite, Gilbert Tigers, Gilbert Bulldogs, plus a Free Agent Team and others.


Note for Vipers: We will have one team in each division. This is for returning Viper players only. Teams are made up of 12-17 players. The registration includes a box clinic and 4 practices (Wed nights, October 4, 11, 18, & 25) in addition to the games


  • 4 weeks of games every Saturday in October
  • 3 Divisions – Peewees (12U), Bantam (14U) and HS Open (9-12)
  • 6 team maximum per division 
  • 3 Facilities – Barneys (Queen Creek), Casey’s (Cave Creek) and Peoria Sportplex (Peoria)
  • Complete games – 3x15 min periods with 2 min breaks between
  • USBOXLA sanctioned, rules, paid and certified referees
  • Players must have USBOXLA Player Membership. US Lacrosse does not cover box lacrosse. Only $20 by using our code
  • No cost Box Clinic to start season, one per facility during from September 25 – 30
  • Practice plans, coaching assistance and USBOXLA Coaches certification available
  • Cost is $125 per player or $1250 per team. Teams are 12-17 players


Box Clinic & Game Schedule


9/27: Box Clinic at Barneys, 8-10pm

9/28: Box Clinic at Bonsall Park, 6-8pm

9/25 - 9/30: Box Clinic at Peoria and Casey's, dates and times TBD 

10/7: Casey's at the Bat, 12pm - 9pm (2-3hrs per division)

10/14: Barneys, 12pm - 9pm

10/21: Casey's at the Bat, 12pm - 9pm

10/28: Peoria Sportplex, 12pm - 9pm

by bill casey posted 08/01/2017
Winning vs Development?

Winning vs Development?


Winning matters. But development matters more.


The score at the end of a game commonly determines a “winning” and “losing” team, but what does winning mean after all? Does winning mean having the better score in a U9 league game? Does winning mean a team that goes unbeaten in Division 1 in their U11 group?


I submit that “winning” is a long-term proposition. Too often we look for short-term gain and therefore miss the opportunity to reach the higher goal. In our case that means more time spent developing ALL players with a well thought out LTAD approach, ensuring that we have avenues for new players to learn, recreational players to enjoy this great game, and finally training and travel programs for those that wish to reach their highest potential.


Although “winning over development” survives to this day, the keepers of the flame are losing steam based on solid research. We know that by the age of 13, 70% of kids involved in organized sports drop out of the game. The main reason for this is kids aren’t “having fun anymore” and they’ve lost interest. By maintaining the short-term “win at all costs” mentality, many youth players are lost in the fight to win meaningless games. Far too often over my years I’ve heard comment that youth players have to “win” or they will be upset, or even depressed. This is simply not true.


In fact in a study conducted in 2014 by George Washington University found, when kids were asked why they participate in sports over 90 percent of children responded that they did so because it was fun. Fun, however, means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. The children were asked to describe what fun meant for them, and 81 different explanations arose throughout the study. 81 different explanations for what fun means, ranked in order of most important as a response.


Winning ended up 48th on the list.



The top fun factors were; Being a good sport, Trying hard, Positive coaching, Learning and improving, Game time support, Games, Practices, Team friendships, Mental bonuses, Team rituals, and Swag.


Trying your best is essentially the idea of giving 100%. It’s that winning mentality, and if we can continue to foster it, we are one step ahead of the game in helping to create “winners.” Kids generally forget about results soon after the game is over. The game is really won or lost, however, in the car ride home. As Project Play explains, kids often forget about the result ten minutes after a game is over, but are often reminded of it constantly in the car-ride home and at dinner that day.


Winning is important, but development is more important. Develop the winning mentality, see kids take ownership of their own technical development, understanding that one hour of practice a week is not enough, and watch the results come, eventually. Eventually is the key word here. Don’t expect this to happen over the course of a week, a season, maybe even a year. Development is not a straight line. Ups will come with downs, and development does not mean constant, unchecked progression.


So this is great but how do we develop skills in youth players and keep them playing sports?


I will summerize here, but encourage you to read the a complete solution, and our model, from The Aspen Institutes Project Play here;


The 8 Plays



Winning matters. But development matters more.


by posted 08/18/2016

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Vipers 2014 JHS Championship
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